Amnesty Don?

Is President Trump really ready to give amnesty - er, "A path to Citizenship" - to the 1.8 million Dreamers?  It appears that way... but there's another layer here.  In exchange for this amnesty, the President will receive a guaranteed $25 Million for the Border Wall.  

Jeff sees this as a slam dunk for the Democrats.  If they're smart, they'll jump to take this deal.  It will ultimately result, Jeff believes, in Democratic takeover of the country.  He says there will never be another Republican President in the 21st Century.  And the Dems can simply reverse any decision when they assume power.  

But even that isn't enough for the apparently short-sighted Dems, who "Never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity;" as rumors swirl that Chuck Schumer will reject this deal simply to deny the wall. 

The craziest of crazy things here - the Democrats might actually save President Trump from the biggest mistake he could make.

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