Was SNL complimenting POTUS Trump?

Saturday came around and once again SNL tried to rolled out the best jokes (or so they think) to bash the Trump administration. Most of us don't even pay attention to SNL anymore because let's face it, their comedy hasn't been up to par since Ferrell left but I needed a break from wedding planning, more specifically from looking through wedding photography for a photographer. I was at the point where if I saw one more romantic photograph with a bride's vail blowing in the wind I was going to scream! Seriously, every portfolio from every photography starts to blend together and all look the same! I digress though... Anyway, this past Saturday night, instead of mimicking members of the current Trump administration (isn't it getting old now?), they decided to jump back a couple administrations and portray former President, George W. Bush and showcase a take on his current view of the country and Trump. Who did they bring back to portray Bush? None other than veteran Will Ferrell, so it caught my attention.

Bush (Ferrell), reminds us that if we think POTUS Trump is bad, just remember his presidency where some of his highlights include the stock market taking a massive dive from 16k to 8k, starting two wars that we are currently still in (including the creation of ISIS), and of course having Dick Cheney as his vice president... 

*Side note: their joke about Cheney literally being "heartless" was a good one!* 


I'm sure it was no doubt, SNL's intention to continuously be a leader in the "fight against Trump", but what they really did here was remind us that Trump isn't so bad in comparison to Bush. They actually added to Trump's popularity, despite the fact that they tried to sneak in some jabs aimed at POTUS Trump. It was too late for that though, they already unexpectedly succeeded in reassuring us that "things could be worse" despite the liberals continuous echoing cries that America is going to hell in a hand basket because they think Trump is going to kick out all the immigrants and people of another ethnicity than white. Really? Do we really think that's his agenda? Because I don't. I just think he's not socially aware of the effect of his words on others and thus puts his foot in his mouth continuously. Do I think he's racist? No. I think he wants to keep dangerous people out of this country, regardless of their country of origin or skin color. He just made the mistake of associating Mexicans and Muslims as "dangerous people" based on a couple examples and now everyone thinks he's racist. Maybe I'm not as one dimensional and see things past the surface but I honestly don't believe his words at face value when he makes these brash statements. I think he's socially unaware and needs to change his language, yes, but I don't think his true intention (as most liberals believe) is to keep out all immigrants from Mexico or the Middle East. I think he wants stricter vetting and you know what, I agree with that. I want that too. It should not be easy to get into this country as a free for all.

With that being said, SNL in my opinion highlighted Trump's accomplishments such as boosting the stock market in comparison to what it used to be under Bush (which Trump claims is up by 50% currently since him taking office)! Not to mention they had made Pence look like a saint compared to Cheney (who shot someone in the face quail hunting and never actually even apologized!).

One thing is for sure with Trump, you can never say he didn't get the attention of the youth, who in the past some feared would not take a vested interest in politics. Whether you like POTUS Trump or not, he is getting things done. Do I agree with all of his policies or opinions, no, but economically and security wise I'd like to see things improve and he's working on that. You might not agree with his language (most don't and heck I sometimes cringe too), but the facts are there. Check some of them out: HERE



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