The Trump Wall: It's (maybe) illegal immigrant proof

     Okay, so the "planned" Trump border wall is certainly not set in stone, or set in barbed wire ridden tin walls. With that being said, it would be ridiculous not to create prototypes of the future anti-everyone wall. Now this obviously is not breaking news, but the results are in, and this thing will be bulletproof. Or climb proof. Or dig underneath it proof. Or anything proof.

     Let's keep the discussion within the intelligent circle that would like illegal immigration to be curbed. Obviously there are those out there that would like to see our border land treated like a bar with a no cover charge, but those are the same individuals that thought you could secure your borders with some barbed wire and steel mats. 

     According to Fox News, in 1986, a total of 629,656 illegal immigrants were arrested. In 2017 a total of 26,086 illegal immigrants were arrested. That's a drop-off of over 90%, and it's not because people stopped attempting to cross. A 46-mile fence was built in the late 80's, which forced immigrants to shift their strategic running and climbing plan to Arizona. The answer came in the form of another 126 miles of fence, which caused arrests in that area to fall another 90 percent. Again, not because the populace gave up on the "American Dream."



     As the President said, this wall is not going to surround the country like some confined rich suburban neighborhood. This wall will be strategic. We are talking about a 2,026-mile border wall system, including 864 miles of new wall, and 1,163 miles of replacement wall. These prototypes were tested by special operation teams from El Paso Texas (I'm unsure if there is anything that could test these walls better). These teams used the most commonly used methods and tools for getting through a border wall. They used cutting torches, jackhammers and concrete saws, which were visibly less advantageous compared to use on previous walls and prototypes. On top of that, these walls were much tougher to climb. I'm guessing they were at an American Ninja Warrior level. It's reported that after dozens of attempts to climb the wall, one man made it up, but had to be helped down cat in a tree style. 

     President Trump plans for strategic walls, but the planned sophisticated cameras, sensors, roads and lighting are just as important. The consensus is that illegal immigrants can still get over, sure. People can still tunnel under, absolutely. The real end goal is to intimidate, convince these true "dreamers" that the risk just isn't worth it. The arrest statistics paint a clear picture, the walls work. So more sophisticated walls, along with other features, will dissuade many from even attempting to cross. 

     Our country will improve with the border walls, unless you prefer that our country act similar to an old western flop-house. If that's where you stand, then god help you. 


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