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     As if we needed more reasons to question Democratic policies, please turn your attention to the beautiful state of California. The homeless issue on the west coast has become beyond horrific, and the governing body of LA has zero answers. The celebrity riddled city has added about 22,000 homeless in the last 8 years, putting their total at a vomit inducing 55,000. The San Francisco Chronicle puts it perfectly by defining it as "poverty by design."


PHOTO: Getty Images

     In the photo above you see Angel Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Angels baseball club. Next to their home field lays a comically large shanty town. This is not the only one around, there are hundreds more just like it scattered around the city. Many news outlets in the metro area have finally caught on to the issue in the liberal state and city, IT'S THE LIBERALS!

     Los Angeles has two problems, assisting the impoverished and keeping the high rent paying homeowners happy. The two can't seem compliment one another. Mayor Eric Garcetti took office in 2013 and seemed to make the problem worse. Then a democratic majority on the board of supervisors entered in 2016, and things continued to spiral. Luckily the city has decided to tax itself in order to afford housing for those in need, but apparently they don't know how to project future results since its clear the homeless population is out-running the new housing. Citizens are struggling to pay rent, and the eviction numbers climb daily. There doesn't seem to be a solution here either due to the need for high rents and taxes in order to afford all of these short term non-solutions. 

     It doesn't stop there, this wonderful example of a leftist city is completely split in two. Half of the democratic majority wants to assist the poor completely, granting them a right to use the sidewalks and adding bathrooms to tent communities. The other side wants to round them all up WWII internment camp style and throw them all in jails and institutions. (Seems harsh)

     A state can't run in this manner. California has 13 million out of their 39 million population enrolled in their medical service for the poor called Medi-Cal. Due to their high cost of living $100 holds only $88 of spending power. Think of that as an invisible 12% tax on everything. Even the electric cars are killing the state. These new "green" vehicles are using less gas, which is a win, but the tax on gas has remained unchanged. This means more cars on the roads, with more wear and tear, but the same miniature state tax income to fund highway and road repair becomes more insufficient. 

     There are legitimately hundreds of reason as to why California is swirling around the toilet bowl, but this can't be a 12 page report. The fact is this state has always been run by the left, and this state may have the worst fiscal future in the nation. These "leaders" can't even create a proactive discussion without wanting to choke one another. It's being proven on a daily basis that the goals and objectives of the GOP are those of the people as well. Simultaneously, the Dems are stomping around with a scowl, complaining instead of finding diplomatic solutions. It may be time to do away with the left and bring on a new political expansion team. Maybe we can call it the "3 lefts make a right party." That'll at least put them in the winning circle. 

      If you do want to see some good, and someone trying to bring the homeless issue to light, follow @skid_robot. This artist paint murals around individuals on the street in order to lift their spirits, and bring awareness to the problem. At least someone cares for these people.



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