Lightning Round!

January "Trump" Calculations!

Here on Boston's Morning Show I have kept a tally of how much, how little, and what was talked about regarding everything Trump! POTUS Trump is a constant in the media, not just because he is our President but because of his brash and outspoken ways with the media and other public figures. In other words there is always Trump news to talk about! With that being said, here is this months calculations for Trump consumption on the Morning Show!

Month of January (total shows)

Show Trump Talk: 62% of all shows

Show Talk Without: 38% not talked about Trump


Week 1 Big Topic: Trump vs. Bannon "feud" & Wolfe's Fire and Fury (55% talked about Trump)

*Big Topics without Trump: Huge New England storm/snowfall & local sports story

Week 2 Big Topic: "Bleep-hole countries" & Trump at Camp David & his tweets regarding his mental health (66% talked about Trump)

*Big Topics without Trump: Golden Globes & Tom vs. Time

Week 3 Big Topic: The "Fakies" come out, POTUS Trump's physical exam & the government shutdown begins on Friday (74% talked about Trump)

*Big Topics without Trump: NFL playoffs, Hawaii false alarm, Vegas shooter update

Week 4 Big Topic: The government shutdown, DACA, and Trump saying he'll talk to Mueller "under oath" (45% talked about Trump)

Big Topics without Trump: Emotional support animals crackdown on flights, Tom vs. Time, Local Andover, MA hockey team 

Week 5 Big Topic: State of the Union (45% talked about Trump)

Big Topics without Trump: Tom Brady vs. Alex Reimer-disappointment & the Grammys

That's January's "Trump Talk" folks! Let's see what exciting things Trump brings in the month of February!


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