Tim Allen: Conservative Advocate for the Youth?

Veteran actor and comedian, Tim Allen is taking on PC culture! His target? PC culture in comedy and at college campuses. His most recent sitcom, "Last Man Standing" on ABC was cancelled last year and a lot of fans believe it was due to the fact that Allen's character and family reflected that of conservative views and values. ABC of course denies that that was the case but many believe it was.

Cast of "Last Man Standing"

Tim Allen and many other comedians such as Adam Carolla believe that PC culture is truly ruining comedy. They are concerned for the future of comedy that might look like an atmosphere where you can't poke fun at one another. Comedy is largely about being able to roll with the punches and tease one another but that is quickly becoming not the case. We've entered a world filled with "Safe Spaces" where even the tamest joke can be perceived as an attack and people get offended thus leading to the decline of traditional comedy. Comedian Carolla himself even said "Nothing kills comedy quite like people who are constantly offended". So what's the solution here? Is comedy dying? Is it going to change and if so how? 

Well, Allen and others are determined to prevent the death of comedy as we know it. A new docudrama is in the works titled, "No Safe Spaces". Its goal is to focus on the current pattern of college campuses cancelling and not allowing conservative speakers to speak due to student protests. As we've seen over the last year or so, there has been a serious lack of conservative speakers on campuses and it's gotten national attention. It's gotten the attention of these veteran comedians to the point where they feel that they need to do something! There are conservative young people out there and they are not being given the same entertainment and social opportunities on campus as that of their liberal peers. They are being pushed down and shunned by their liberal and socialist counterparts. They need someone to advocate for them and Allen and Carolla are just two of the public figures stepping in to address it. Allen can relate to how the youth feels after the experience of his show being abruptly cancelled. It's a lot like how the conservative youth's republican speakers have been cancelled...

"No Safe Spaces" is expected to be released in theaters near you in the Fall of 2018. 


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