Justin Timberlake: Ready to put pads on and play!

Just when I thought Justin Timberlake couldn't be more of a likeable celebrity for me, he turns out to be a Patriots fan and has a bromance with Tom Brady! During a media presser with reporters out in Minnesota, one reporter in particular put Timberlake's hand to the fire. Of course that was after she called him a "childstar" to which he was less than pleased with her... She asked him how he would feel if his son wanted to follow in his footsteps and if he'll be at the Superbowl. JT in Justin fashion tried to joke about it saying his son was at rehearsal and that he was surprised how fast his son could cover 100 yards. He proceeded to say that "speed runs in the family" and if all of Belichick's receivers were out and hurt he's ready to put on pads and take the field!! The takeaway? Justin too is routing for the Patriots! I didn't think it was possible but Justin just went up in my book!

Justin Timberlake in Minnesota

What is drawing a lot of attention for the media though is not that Justin is a Patriots fan or friends with Brady, but a comment that followed later in his interview stating that his son "will never play football". This question comes from the same reporter who asked him about his son following in his footsteps. It was obvious Justin didn't want to talk about his son's future just yet as he's only 3 years old. He even stated he "didn't want to think about it" and light heartedly made some jokes as stated earlier. However that didn't stop the reporter throwing the question out there that she obviously thought was a light hearted followup to JT's comments about speed running in the family: "So you would support if he wanted to run some routes and get in the NFL?". Timberlake was visably not happy about that notion and then very distinctly said "uh, he will never play in the NFL"Oooo, maybe not the best thing to say at a Superbowl presser where you are preparing to perform at the biggest event for the NFL...just a thought! I still love JT and I'm not really bothered or upset about this. I can see why it's not a good idea to say based on his current setting but you know what, it's his personal opinion and those reporters pushed for it so I can't blame Justin here. 

Watch and listen to the exchange here:



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