Lightning's Top 3 Best & Worst Superbowl Ads

Superbowl 52 had some ups and downs, mainly a lot of downs for us here in New England. However we can usually look forward to the commercials lifting our spirits right? Wrong. Long gone are the days when you didn't even want to slip away to go to the restroom for fear you might miss one of the best commercials. Maybe it's just me but the commercials seem to get worse and worse every year. Although on the rare occasion there are a few diamonds in the rough. Well at this rate we'll call them rubies, it's rare we see a diamond of a commercial these days. With that being said I have rated the top 3 best and worst commercials (in my opinion) this year. They are as follows:

Top 3 Worst Commercials:

1) Diet Coke-Twisted Mango

By far this was the #1 worst commercial! A friend of mine at a Super Bowl party actually walked out of the room grumbling because he couldn't take this commercial it was so bad! It took a lot of reserve to not be right behind him. I think I was just in shock...I hesitate to even show you the garbage that is this commercial...


2) Avocados From Mexico

This was right up there with the Diet Coke commercial for cringe worthy watching. It just straight up annoyed me. I found it almost unbearable. I don't blame you if you don't actually watch these bad commercials...I hope these actors got paid well because I don't want to see them and their screaming faces on my TV for an extremely long time...


3) Squarespace with Keanu Reeves

I don't even know what to say about this commercial because I don't even see the reasoning behind this commercial. It's like the Lincoln commercials with Matthew McConnaughey all over again saying cool sounding things that make no sense and really don't get me to want to do anything other than shut the TV off...check out what you did Keanu Reeves? I'm good. Pass.


The Top 3 Best Commercials:

1) Tide

SO GOOD. I love the fact that Tide went after all the cliche Super Bowl ads and just ripped them. & to boot they had Hopper (Stranger Things) be the starring man! That just makes it perfect. You can't not like the guy! To watch Sheriff Jim Hopper from Stranger Things, (played by David Harbour), just insert himself in all these proposed ads made my night. Having a witty sense of humor and pop culturally relevant, he drove it home.


2) Alexa Loses Her Voice-Amazon

Now this one's good. With Amazon Alexa being such a popular device where almost everyone either has one or at least knows what it is, it's relevant. They put a funny twist on it by replacing her voice in everyday scenarios with iconic celebrities and pop culture figures responding. It ranged from from Cardi B to Anthony Hopkins. Clever, funny, and relatable. Bravo!


3) Febreze-The Only Man Whose Bleep Don't Stink

Clever. I'll give it some credit here. Toilet humor is always a hit with the general population. You can never go wrong with it and Febreze found a way to execute it well. The dry humor worked well. Plus people get a giggle out of suggested swear words like they're in on some secret. It's a crowd pleaser. 



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