Doritos "Lady Chips"?

Really? We've gotten to the point in our society where we are gender specifying our snacks! Let me be the first to say that I live for the crunch of snacks! Just ask my fiance, I have a snacking problem...I love snacking! I'm that annoying person who buys like 10 various snacks, opens one bag, nibbles from it then forgets about the other 10 bags and buys more at the store. Oh, I drive my fiance crazy!! With that being said I know snacks! I do like Doritos but it's not my #1 go to. Doritos are more my splurge for special occasions snack. That and Cheetos! I love Cheetos but I limit myself. I frequent popcorn, pretzels, and baked chips including plain tortilla chips (not Doritos). I always have to have chips and salsa in the house or it's a problem. So come to my house and you'll find a ton of tortilla chips and salsa stock piled!

Doritos decided that their chips are not the most favorable with the ladies. I'm not so sure about that. I know tons of women who love Doritos. I've been to plenty of occasions where Doritos are part of the spread. The PepsiCo company says that women don't like the loud crunch and certainly not the licking of the fingers from chip residue. Not to mention women would apparently never tilt their heads back and pour the remnants of the left over broken chips at the bottom of the bag into their mouth. Wrong. I do. I have! Call me an animal but I was taught to never waste food! Now, I could do away with the leftover residue on my fingers. That part I don't love so much. I always wash my hands afterwards more than lick my fingers so I can see how licking your fingers in public might be awkward. The other reasons they claim for the creation of the "Lady Chip" though about loud crunching and pouring the bag into your mouth, eh I could care less, maybe I'm not as "lady-like". I'm not embarrassed enough to not have Doritos to the point where they need to make a special chip for me. Give me a break. You're not standing up for women by creating a special chip for us. Want to do something for women, let's bring up the gender wage cap. I'll take that over the "Lady Chip", thank you. 

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