Illegal Immigrant Publicly Urinates and Slashes Someones Throat

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     We've all been in that situation, walking down the street late at night and seeing some drunk idiot relieving him/herself on the sidewalk. Most of the time you let them be, chalk it up to one too many vodka tonics or glasses of wine. There are some other instances where you have to put a stop to it, calling the person out because it sickens you how blatantly disgusting just one individual could be. This was an example of the latter.

     There he is in all his glory. Salvador Gomez-Lopez is only the most recent example of an illegal immigrant acting out in a horrific manner. Lopez pulled down his pants at a bus stop in Montgomery County, Maryland and began to urinate in full view of all the other passengers. An unnamed individual walked up and suggested he use a bathroom. As an illegal immigrant, instead of trying to remain inconspicuous Lopez went into his backpack and pulled out a box cutter. 

     A struggle ensued, and the individual that approached the El Salvadorian wound up getting sent to the hospital with deep wounds on his face and neck.  He was able to wrestle the knife away before police showed up. Police attempted to identify the illegal monster, but he went to the Illegal alien playbook. A fake name was given, but police saw through that almost immediately. Now Salvador can go to the restroom in gen pop with a bunch of other criminals who most certainly wont stand for that behavior either.

     Lopez is now awaiting a three day trial expected to begin in April (two counts of assault, public intoxication and possession of a dangerous weapon with intent to injure). If there is any justice in the world, he will be convicted and stare 38 years in jail head on. He's being held on $5,000 cash bond. 

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