Nancy Pelosi Filibusters Over The Dreamers

Nancy Pelosi filibustered the Senate yesterday, proving to the Democrats that she can stand and talk for 8 hours without dying.  While that mission was accomplished, there was a series of bizarre moments; even by the Piranha's standards.  

She thanked the parents of the Dreamers for bringing them here, said the Dreamers aren't asking for anything outrageous, and that the Dreamers "Make America more American by coming here."  

And move over Tom Brady kissing his son, there's a new creepy weird sheriff in town; she discussed her Grandson, and how he mad a birthday wish that he "Had brown skin and brown eyes like [his Guatemalan friend] Antonio."  So she congratulated her own Grandson for hating his own race and skin color... um, what?  

Look, props to Nancy for not falling over, but ay yi yi, lady... even the Dems are asking "What the hell was that?"


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