This Anti-Prostitute Lawmaker Loves Prostitutes

PHOTO: Getty Images

     The saying that Utah lawmaker Jon Stanard lives by would be "do as I say, not as I do." This piece of work is a republican in the US House of Representatives, and he has some explaining to do, both to his family and the taxpayers.

     The Daily Mail published a story Thursday about Stanard hiring prostitutes on two occasions, while his wife and three kids lived out their humdrum lives back home. That immediately pushed House and state officials to check and make sure neither taxpayer or campaign money was used for these casual encounters. Well by golly would you look at that, HE DID! Color me surprised.

     This hypocritical state rep ironically propagated family values and fought solicitation laws by day, but by night, he was just another sex craved sleazy guy. He was reimbursed for his hotel stays by the American public, all so he could meet up with this woman. (See Tweet below)


     Well as punishment Jon Stanard now has hopefully lost his job, and most likely has hepatitis. I'm actually pretty lax when it comes to prostitution, but destroying your family in the process of making a mockery of your position on the tax payers dime??? Three strikes you're out. Stanard has the perfect face to be managing a D'Angelo's sandwich shop, so lets hope that's the limit of responsibility he's given from now on. Just another (hopefully former) politician that cant keep his **** in his pants, or respect the taxpayers. Hopefully his kids are gifted with a better role model at some point.


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