The American Ladies Get It Done!

The American women got it done in the Women's Snowboarding Halfpipe. Young hotshot, Chloe Kim blew the competition out of the water in her Olympic debut! At only 17 years old, Chloe joins Red Gerard for one of the youngest Olympians to receive a gold since 1928. Kim finished her 1st run at a whopping score of 93.75, setting the bar high for the rest of the lady boarders. 

Unfortunately veteran Gold Medalist, 34 year old Kelly Clark did not place in the finals, although her runs were fairly strong and powerful. Her unusually lower score sparked some debate seeing as how many expected her runs to have ranked higher by the judges. Even the commentators were openly surprised and disagreed with the judges scores for Clark. Her highest score was an 83.50. She brought big air and really put down solid runs. This very well might have been her last Olympic appearance with Kelly saying you "probably won't" see her at the next Olympics.

Kelly Clark-American Snowboarder

It was a very happy day for Chloe Kim, who is a Korean American from California. At 17 years old, she grabbed the Olympic Gold and finished her 3rd victory run with a surprisingly even higher score than her first with a 98.25! Chloe is one of only a handful of snowboarders who have previously scored a perfect score of 100. One of the other snowboarders, being legend and veteran snowboarder, Shaun White. 

Coming in 3rd with a final score of 85.75, was another American, Arielle Gold. She was anxiously holding onto the slot for quite a bit as she watched the other competitors take their final runs. Lucky for her she held onto the Bronze and is sharing the podium with Chloe Kim.

American Snowboarders Chloe Kim and Arielle Gold

If you did not get a chance to see Chloe Kim lay it down on the half pipe, check out her final run here where she scored even higher than her first amazing run! Congratulations are in order: Congrats Chloe and Arielle!! Way to bring home the medals ladies!



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