Millenial Love Terms for Valentine's Day

Fox news put together a list of "love terms" for millenial dating. How many of these would you have guessed?


Leading someone along, sending flirtatious messages without any intent of ever going on a date


 Disappearing, stopping all communication abruptly without explanation


Ghosting and then coming back after a period of time. Keeping someone on the back burner and then returning to them when something else goes away


Small, non physical but sometimes emotional attraction to another person which is kept secret from your partner


Someone who meets you and has instant chemistry and immediately aggressively pursues you. Often happens to fast to be true, sometimes manipulating you


When you’ve gone on a few dates with someone and they continue to talk to you without making firm plans to hang out again. Keeping someone on the back burner

Cuffing Season:                 

Late fall to early winter when you want to be in a relationship so you find someone to be with, often let go in early spring when you want to be out and about again

Catch And Release:         

When you go after someone to see if you can get them, and then immediately move on to someone bigger and better because you get bored

Slow Fade:                          

Similar to ghosting but more subtle. Slowly inching out of a relationship until you’re gone, akin to the lobster slowing boiling in a pot


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