Welcome To The "Need More Gun Control" Scam

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"It's time we do something about gun control!" - Every Democrat

     Here we are, right back to where we were following the Vegas massacre, the Charleston church shooting, and Sandy Hook (among many others). It's an all too familiar feeling of deja vu thanks to Democrats, "progressives," and "Liberals."

     As you already know, a terrible mass school shooting occurred yesterday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida. The 19 year old white supremacist Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 and injured others while slinging around an AR-15. This has once again caused the left to wind sprint toward news cameras just to steal the spotlight away from the victims in order to make a public relations push.  It's a call to restrict everything from gun purchases to ownership, an empty suggestion that wouldn't put and end to these shootings.

     In order to improve gun control you would need to take into account a number of stipulations that are unique to America. This morning I heard the US should adopt the buyback program and restrictions Australia has enacted. The problem is that Australia had a different population, they did not have the level of ownership (legal and illegal) compared to the US, and they certainly didn't have the historical philosophy on "bearing arms" that we have always had. Instead of understanding these differences and attempting to leap the obstacle, those that call themselves "progressives" just raise the volume on the generic claims. Also, don't forget that if you argue with the left about gun control, then you may as well have killed those kids yourself. 

     Conservatives have backed gun control proposals previously, and the NRA has supported legislating against machine guns and the mentally-ill obtaining firearms. The issue is that the same lefty leaders you see on television calling for change are the same ones NOT PROPOSING ANY LOGICAL LEGISLATION! Democrats have a 60 vote majority in the senate, and had control of the house within the Obama era. Guess how many pieces of gun legislation they've pushed through? A big fat zero!

Here's an update on some of the recent Gun Control Proposals and where they sit at the moment...

1915 - Handgun Trigger Safety Act of 2017 

            Introduced and referred to committee

1923 - Background Check Completion Act of 2017

            Introduced and referred to committee

1939 - Equal Access to Justice for Victims of Gun Violence Act

            Introduced and referred to committee

2009 - Background Check Expansion Act

            Introduced and referred to committee

Below is Senator Marco Rubio explaining exactly why legislation hasn't been passed and the issues that new gun control will include.

     Without mentioning the endless list of real life stories showing legal gun owners stopping massacres in their tracks, it is clear that putting a stop to these mass shootings isn't solved simply with generally declaring a need for gun control. With that being said, emotions are understandably running high following the horrific murders in Parkland, Florida. Democrats will continue to strategically use this to their advantage and gain more support for what will inevitably be inaction. Those of you cheering on the Democrats begging for change on national television, prepare to remain disappointed when they can't pass anything through their 60-vote majority in the Senate.

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