American Idiot: Lowell "Gangster" Shoots Man Because He ___________......

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     There is something about Lowell that makes its criminals a little more unique than others. There is something in the water that makes these buffoons mentally trip over their own sagging Marc Ecko jeans. This "woman" (her Facebook says male so come to your own conclusion) wants you all to know she's a true gangster, and if you dispute that, she may actual legitimately shoot you. Nothing screams "I'm not taken seriously enough" like what this wannabe poor mans Frank Lucas did yesterday.


     Yes I know this picture is confusing, the "woman" in question is sitting on the left. Cracked out Jesus was not involved in the following events. 

     Graciela Paulino, a 20 year old truly promising youth in the city of Lowell, shot and killed 34-year-old Marc Devoe. The reason behind the killing is described as "random" and road rage related according to police.  Devoe was inexplicably shot in the chest following whatever altercation occurred between the two drivers. He then attempted to drive off, but crashed into a jersey barrier a short distance away. Paulino ran immediately following the shooting, but it didn't take long for this blithering blowhard to show off her pure intelligence. 


     That illiterate post is exactly what you think it is. Following a cold blooded murder, this androgynous tough guy/girl thought to let out her reasoning and frustration on social media. Surely her crew would understand and have her back. No surprise she was arrested almost immediately after this was posted. Here is some more true wisdom from Graciela.


Zero foresight in this post 


That 2018 "karma bean" thankfully did a 180. Now she can hang out in prison with Amanda, Ashley, and whoever DemMCIGyals is (gibberish below).


     This isn't the first time Paulino has stumbled into some trouble. Back in 2015 she was arrested for sitting in a car with a bad inspection sticker and a sawed off shotgun. You could be looking at life for the possession of a firearm like that, but she was lucky enough to slither out of that predicament. Obviously it's a terrible story, a man lost his life for absolutely nothing. We can only hope this human garbage is kept off the streets for good. Lucky for Paulino, her "mind is rich" so I'm sure she'll be fine.

An added note, how's this video for irony? Graciela was filmed by the Lowell Sun discussing the violence problem in the city.....



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