Lefty "Go to Expert" Attorney Called Out For Not Being An Expert

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     Here's the one millionth example of a so-called "progressive" thinking they can throw any bit of ridiculously false information out to the world with no repercussions. On the heels of yet another mass school shooting, it's time for the left to launch an attack on the Second Amendment. It's more of a public relations attack than an attempt to make legitimate change, because it's a much more convenient tool to continuously have something to blame the GOP for. With that said, in steps media personality, talkshow host, and author Areva Martin. She's also a civil rights attorney which would be great if she wasn't an idiot.


     Oooooooohhh man, hold my [insert preferred alcoholic beverage here]!!!! There are far too many problems with this cute graph and not enough time to list them all. First, if your worried that the majority of the American public fell for this, don't worry. Even people that align parallel with her philosophical ideals couldn't help but call her out on the blatant lies posted. The question is, was this an unabashed attempt to sneak one past the public, or did she really think she was peddling truth? I'm unsure which would be worse.

     Lets get one thing straight, federal regulations require you to use a legal identification to purchase a firearm, so that's a big swing and a miss. How about a second example of stupidity? Two thirds of states require a form of identification to vote. States like Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin are even more strict about having a photo ID to vote. So that's two strikes against the batter. I'm not going to go state by state to specifically correct every error in this tweet, so we are going to safely say there are around 60 more errors in the maps. That brings the hitters count to 62-0. She struck out 20.6 times.

     There should be no issue with stating your belief (for or against gun control) on social media, but for the love of God do it with truth! Martin also appears on CNN, so she may be just going by the networks company handbook when it comes to slanted reporting. It's worrisome to think she goes to protests and events to speak to our youth about any number of subjects. All the more reason to degrade her attempted spewing immediately. The Twitter-verse made sure to take care of that.


     This was three out of 1.4k responses, all of them unpleasantly correcting her. Here's to the social media community staying "woke" to the lefts propaganda scheme.


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