You Just Bought a $100,000 Bathroom for MassDOT

Photo Credit:  Getty Images 

(Not actual bathroom detailed in story)

Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.  And when State Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack's gotta go, you gotta pay.   In news that should shock no one, there's been a shady business deal with our state leaders.  This time it involves Mass DOT and the MBTA.


     “It's outrageous in my mind,” said Greg Sullivan, a former state inspector general who is now research       director at the Pioneer Institute. “I think anybody who owns a home knows that a little half-bath like         this shouldn't cost $100,000."

     The bathroom and kitchenette were installed last year inside the new MassDOT and MBTA board               room and office area in the State Transportation Building.

But, the real fun comes with the fact that this "Rush job," as categorized by a High Ranking Official, was not put out for bid.  Meaning, there was no competition to drive price down, as is pretty much standard operating procedure with Government jobs.  

But, hey, why spend the reported $7,317 for materials and a competitive cost for labor, when you can bilk the dumb taxpayers for a cool 100k?  

There's a phrase for that:  Fraud.  Or Graft.  Or business as usual in the People's Republic of Marxachusetts...