Lightning Round! Month of February

February has come and gone and so have the topics on Boston's Morning Show. What was the most talked about topic? Was Trump a big part of the conversation? You might be surprised by some of the results. Take a look at February in review:

Month of February 2018 Overall:

Shows Talked Without Trump: 69% of all the shows combined

Shows Talked About Trump: 31% with Trump


Week 1 Big Topic: FBI memo & Trump state of the Union (40% Trump talked about-short week Thurs & Fri)

Week 2 Big Topic: Patriots superbowl loss, FBI memo, Gov’t shutdown/budget (40% talked about Trump)

Week 3 Big Topic: Parkland, FL high school shooting (16% talked about Trump)

Week 4 Big Topic: Gun Control/Laws, Olympics, Parkland aftermath (44% talked about Trump)

Week 5 Big Topic: Sheriff Israel & Deputy (Parkland, FL) & Gun debate (16% talked about Trump)

Overall, the biggest topic in news media for the month of February has been the Stoneham Douglas High School shooting. It set off a massive gun control debate and call to action. All conversation which has dominated talked radio, specifically for Boston's Morning Show.

Parkland, FL

I'll have your results and topic trends next month for Boston's Morning Show with Kim and VB!

Lightning is the Audio Producer (& resident Disney fan) for Boston's Morning Show


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