Coming soon: (The live action) Winnie the Pooh!

Another live action Disney movie is rolling out and the next we just found out about is the story of "Christopher Robin". In case you didn't know who Christopher Robin is, he is the boy in the Winnie the Pooh story who's great friends with the beloved Hundred Acre Woods bear. This live action is being brought to us from the same movie creators that rolled out last year's live action of Beauty & the Beast that starred Emma Watson as Belle. 

We all know I'm a Disney fan, there is no surprise there. I'm excited though because I think this story is good for adults too because the main character is an adult Christopher Robin. As you'll see in this trailer, Pooh even highlights his wrinkles or lines after encountering him years later. What I'm saying is it's not your typical "fairytale" princess story. This seems to have all the makings of a real life story that just so happens to have a talking bear...and sometimes adults too need some lighthearted wisdom from a humble talking bear! Take a look at the upcoming live action movie: Christopher Robin.

-Lightning (Boston's Morning Show-resident Disney fan) 

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