Was Obama's Leniency On Troubled Kids To Blame For Parkland Massacre?

PHOTO: Getty Images

     Nikolas Cruz "had a clean record, so alarm bells didn’t go off when they looked him up in the system," according to veteran FBI agent Michael Biasello. In a report from Real Clear InvestigationsBiasello also claimed "he probably wouldn’t have been able to buy the murder weapon if the school had referred him to law enforcement."

     These quotes are in response to the fact that police responded 39 times to emergency calls at Cruz’s home over a seven-year period. The FBI were also unable to act on a tip from a YouTube viewer that reported Cruz's threat within a video comment. As details of the case are released, it's revealed exactly who the fingers of blame should be pointed at.


     It was in 2011 that the Obama administration began an effort and pushed a policy that would help keep troubled kids in school. What it really did was keep administrators and law enforcement from punishing law breaking students. The Broward school Superintendent (Robert W. Runcie) was a good ole buddy of Obama, and signed the agreement with law enforcement. According to RCI (in regards to the Obama policy impact), "students charged with various misdemeanors, including assault, would now be disciplined through participation in healing circles, obstacle courses and other self-esteem building exercises."

     So this school policy kept teachers and other school officials from reporting Cruz to law enforcement, which indeed would have impacted his ability to purchase a firearm. Amazing how it only takes a little bit of time to see Democratic policies cause the most extraordinary amount of harm. Sure it sounds good to help troubled students cope with their teenage years with drum circles and and an ice cream party, that is until you have a kid that everyone knows is going to shoot up the school at some point. God forbid you let a cop know that you have a future Eric David Harris on your hands. 

     The left is trying to commit the same act of negligence with more calls for gun-control. Let's not let these motions push forward, only to find out in a few years that it directly resulted in more deaths at the hands of an emotionally unstable teeny bopper.


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