"Angel families" Now Calling for Prosecution of Oakland Mayor

PHOTO: Getty Images

     Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf betrayed her people of Oakland and federal law enforcement when she warned illegal immigrants (many hardened criminals) in the bay area that an Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid would be happening in the coming days. Naturally many Democrats in California celebrated Schaaf's move, while Nancy Pelosi called the raid "unjust and cruel." 

     Now Mayor Libby has some blowback from a group that has been directly impacted by the individuals she wanted to protect, the parents of children killed by illegal immigrants.


     Don Rosenberg lost his son Drew when a man in the country illegally accidentally hit him on his motorcycle in 2010. The driver killed the young son after he tried to flee the scene and ran over Drew again. Rosenberg describes himself as a lifelong, very liberal Democrat, but has been against legislative attempts to halt deportations and protect illegal residents. 

     While speaking with Fox News, Rosenberg stated (regarding action against Schaaf) “put her in jail, you’ll see this stuff stop... These people aren’t willing to sacrifice their lives and careers for people who are here illegally. They’ll be like cockroaches scattering when you turn the light on.” Sabine Durden, another parent to a child killed by an illegal immigrant, agreed with Rosenberg after claiming something must be done about lawmakers protecting the lawbreakers.   

“When I first heard, I was beside myself, fuming, infuriated and completely outraged about the lawless, reckless and very dangerous behavior of that disrespectful mayor... Not only did she endanger ICE agents and law enforcement, but all the citizens not just in her community, but all over near and far." - Durden's statement to Fox News

     Durden's song Dominic was riding his motorcycle in Moreno Valley to his job as a Riverside County Sheriff's dispatcher when Juan Zacarias Tzun hit the bike with his car. Tzun, who illegally immigrated from Guatemala and never had a driver’s license in the U.S, had two convictions for driving under the influence. He was also never deported. Tzun was convicted of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter and served 35 days of a nine month sentence. 

     A number of these parents and families have continued to speak out following the warning Libby Schaaf released, many of which gave statements of fury to Fox NewsNot only has it been understandably difficult to deal with the loss of a child, but now they have to watch as their political leaders actively fight to protect the same criminals. 


     Libby Schaaf has begun to work with an attorney, in preparation of possible criminal charges. Although the Trump administration has voiced it's disgust at her actions, there is no word yet as to whether charges will be filed. 


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