The crazy new ways millennials are getting engaged

Apparently the simple way of asking someone to marry you with a ring in a box is now considered "old school". Millennials are finding new, creative, and dare I say weird ways to pop the question and even more intense ways to commemorate it. Asking your loved one to marry you with a ring presented inside a sliced avocado has become a huge trend! I'm not sure how it started or when it'll end but it's a thing. These millennials chucked the box and replaced it with an avocado. Now I'm an avocado lover and I'm also recently engaged within the last year but I'm not so sure about the "avocado box". I mean I'd still say yes but that avocado will turn brown and get nasty at some point so unless I'm at a Mexican restaurant with my fiance, ordering guacamole where they come to your table and make it in front of you (which my favorite restaurant does & it's fantastic!), then that makes sense but some peeps are just randomly carrying around avocados to propose...I don't hate this new trend but I'm still more of a traditionalist. If you want to switch it up and make it personal, pick a unique place that's special to the two of you or a special day. This avocado idea would be cute if it's personal to you two like you met working at a Mexican restaurant or every Friday night you make guacamole together, then that would be funny and cute but don't do it just to do it and be trendy. Get what I'm saying? See more of these avocados stories, HERE

Avocado proposal

After being proposed to, almost always there is a ring right? That's part of the engagement, to symbolize it and the fact that you're taken. Well some millennials are ditching the ring and getting a piercing instead! They are getting what is called a "dermal anchor". It's a floating piercing placed in the middle of your ring finger. This procedure is actually a painful one too. They have to remove a circular piece of your skin leaving a hole there then insert the anchor in there and attach the jewelry to it. Your body actually can reject this type of piercing too so that tells you something...maybe you shouldn't get one. As for me, I want the bling! I'll take a carat anyday over a finger piercing, thank you! This is one trend I'm all set on. Read more about this trend, HERE 

Dermal Anchor


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