Mature Enough For Activism? - "Walkout" Students Vandalize Walmart

PHOTO: Getty Images

     The walkout protests that were meant to promote peace "surprisingly" didn't end up so peaceful in the south side of Chicago. In an area that had struggled to lure businesses to set up shop in the neighborhood, Walmart is probably regretting ever opening their doors anywhere near Simeon Career Academy. At least in most parts of the country, students spoke to one another about treating others with respect, and ending the bully culture that has always been prevalent in school. 


     It's reported that about 60 students were involved in the flash mob of destruction. By looking at the game tape, these kids made Walmart look like the Battle of Waterloo. Mission accomplished I guess. It's unknown what the motivation behind the destruction was, and that's probably because there was no justifiable excuse. Give a kid an inch, and they'll take down a mile long aisle of General Mills cereal. 


     This is truly what happens when you hand deliver children the belief that they make the rules. Kids began walking out of class to protest gun-control following the Parkland shooting. Now school districts are running the protests like it's a pep rally! Kids are getting suspended for not joining the walkout, Pro-Trump students are getting beaten, the American flag is getting vandalized, and children are destroying property. The world of teaching has long been ruled by those that call themselves "progressives." Those lefty mind molders are still attempting to piggyback the raw emotions residing in teenagers in order to promote political narratives. It began on college campuses with protests blocking free speech (example 1 of 1 million), and now has trickled down to high schools to promote an uneducated push for gun control. 

     Once again, the world attempts to correct itself. These Chicago students have shown that not all kids are mature enough for true activism toward positive change. The problem is that the story will gain no ground due to the ethnicity of most (all) of the students, the same way Black Lives Matter and the actions in Ferguson Missouri was the birth of a "positive movement." In reality the positive movement was a group of anarchists burning down a community because violent punk Michael Brown fought a police officer. The only stories you'll continue to see will be crying students standing in front of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi calling conservatives greedy murderers, and that's just how media works today. Not much we can do about it. 


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