Saint Patrick's Day Trivia!

It's a big weekend here in Boston: Saint Patrick's Day weekend! People from all over the country (and world for that matter), come to Boston to celebrate because Boston has a huge celebration. I'm going to make an assumption that half of the bars in Boston are of Irish decent and or are Irish pubs and if they are not, they still do it up for Saint Patrick's Day and like eveyone else, pretend they are Irish to appeal to the masses! It really is the one weekend a year where everyone pretends to be Irish to fit in! With that being said I came up with some fun Irish trivia for everyone! So if you are out and about partaking in this Irish holiday, you can drop some of these Irish facts to impress your peers! You're welcome!!

Saint Patick's Day


1) True or False: The Patron Saint Patrick was born in Britain, captured by Irish pirates and enslaved to herd and tend sheep?

2) In what year was Evacuation Day declared a holiday and the 1st “Saint Patrick’s Day” parade held in South Boston?

3) What was the Boston based band, The DropKick Murphy’s 1st mainstream and biggest chart topping singles to date?

4) True or False: Irish Americans first discovered corned beef from NYC Jewish delis or lunch carts as an alternative to pork?

5) What US city has the largest Irish population?

6) What are the four basic ingredients in Irish Soda Bread?

7) According to Irish folklore, what happens if you manage to catch a leprechaun?

8) True or False: Saint Patrick used a shamrock to teach about the Holy Trinity?

9) Can you name any type of Irish Step Dances? Or How many types of Irish shoes are there?

10) What is the different between Red and Grey corned beef?

11) The Irish stout, Guinness was introduced in what year and in what


12) What are “Irish Twins”?

Saint Patrick's Day meeting


1) True

2) 1901

3) Tessie-2004

4) True-pork was too expensive for immigrant Irish

5) Boston with 20.4% of Irish Americans

6) Flour, Buttermilk, Baking Soda, and Salt

7) You are granted 3 wishes

8) True

9) Jig, Hornpipe, Reel, Slip Jig & 2-3 shoe types: Hard & 2 soft shoe types

10) The type of salt used during the curing process. Red uses sodium nitrate and spices. Grey uses only a salted brine.

11) Dublin in 1759

12) A pair of siblings born 13 months apart


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