CNN Interviewed A Student On Lockdown During Maryland Shooting

PHOTO: Getty Images

     CNN showed their true self today in the midst of the shooting at Great Mills High School in Maryland. Their liberal priority of getting some "inside scoop" was clearly put higher on the list than student safety. The student (video featured below) was in lock down at the school during the course of the interview and clearly didn't have much knowledge as to what was going on. 


     So CNN didn't get much information from the student, which is all the more telling of how poor a move this was. For all anyone knew at the time, especially the kid, the shooting/incident could have still been active. For CNN to even accept a call from someone inside the school at the time is reckless journalism. A student in the midst of a school shooting should be focused on seeking direction and safety, and should not be at all focused on providing details to anchors back in some studio. 

     The issue falls back to news networks (especially CNN) giving these kids what's seen as a fast track to instant fame. If you speak to CNN and provide them with gun-control fodder, they'll reward you with national interviews and some poor excuse of a town hall. It didn't take long for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School's David Hogg to get almost 500k followers and a blue check mark on Twitter even though he proves time and time again how little he's prepared to discuss these issues. CNN has welcomed these kids to provide segment content whenever possible, and now they're taking it too far. Regarding CNN's level of importance scale, the safety if a child is now somewhere below getting miniscule details they'll have in no time. Patience and class, two things CNN have none of. 

PS: Cheers to veteran sheriff’s deputy Blaine Gaskill for doing his job and showing exactly how disastrous Broward County "officer" Scot Peterson's lack of action really was....


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