Pie Tops II

The future of ordering pizza? From your shoes! Say goodbye to using your fingers to dial, just press a button on your shoes and get a fresh pizza delivered right to your door! Pizza Hut has come out with their "Pie Tops II". The specially designed high top shoes were designed for Pizza Hut by Dominic Chambrone, also known as “The Shoe Surgeon.” The first design was strictly for promotional purposes but this pair can be yours for a price!


The way these shoes work is that they are bluetooth synced to an app you have to download on your phone in order for them to work. You can order right from your couch and then pause live tv to go to your door and receive your pizza. Pizza Hut is also a big sponsor of March Madness, so this their answer to having pizza for dinner and never having to miss a moment of the game! Read more about them HERE!


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