VB The Wise: Why I Love the Death Penalty

Michael "Stix" Addison was not in the mood to listen to Officer Michael Briggs' instruction to stop in October 2006. So instead of stopping, like his partner in crime that day did, Addison turned around and shot Officer Briggs dead. In July 2001 Gary Sampson tied Jonathan Rizzo to a tree, told him he'd be ok, and then sprayed him with bug spray so he wouldn't get bitten when Sampson left. Then Sampson, after giving Rizzo hope, stabbed Rizzo repeatedly and killed him. Dzokhar Tsarnaev's life was going nowhere in April 2013, and so to make some sort of statement he decided to blow up the Boston Marathon, killing an eight-year-old boy and two young ladies in the process. All three of these worthless human beings have given the death penalty, and maybe someday they will have their sentences carried out.

POTUS Trump came to New Hampshire this week and called for the Death Penalty to be given to drug traffickers in extreme cases. I agree with the President 100%, who wouldn't? If you are philosophically opposed to the death penalty, fine. If you are not, what POTUS Trump said is inarguable. Drug Traffickers kill more people than Addison, Sampson, and Tsarnaev combined every day, why shouldn't they be eligible for the same punishment as a cop killer, a serial killer, or a terrorist? Of course they should, as should rapists, investment swindlers, and mass identity thieves.

My defense of the death penalty has been and continues to be this. Once somebody has demonstrated that their personal carnal or financial satisfaction takes priority over someone's else's life or well-being, then they are forfeiting their privilege of continuing in this society, pending a judge's discretion. Do I think this will solve the country's opioid crisis? Of course not. I actually think it will have a negligible effect on it. Nor do I believe that it will end cop killings or terrorism However, it will exterminate certain scumbags who have put their selfish interests above others' lives. And it would send a signal that we are back in the business of punishment. I'm with Trump in this, there has to be consequences. If the action causes death, shatters lives, or causes lifelong financial hardships for others, than their needs to be punishment equal to or exceeding that crime. There needs to be the Death Penalty.

More wisdom next week.

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