Mystery Surrounds Texas Couple Arrested With Weapons Cache In Tewksbury

PHOTO: Getty Images

     A Texas couple have been arrested following the discovery of numerous large capacity firearms, ammunition, and an interesting excuse that cannot be confirmed. The FBI and a Joint Terrorism Task Force are assisting local police in the investigation of Francho Bradley and his wife Adrianne Jenning now that they're being held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing.

     Bradley had installed a surveillance video feed of his hotel room at the Marriott Residence Inn in Tewksbury, which he was monitoring. He reportedly called police when the feed was cut, and he believed someone may have been attempting to break into the room. He requested that police check his room because he had a firearm in one of the hotel room drawers, and didn't want the gun to fall into the wrong hands. When Tewksbury police showed up to check the room, they found a whole lot more than 1 weapon...

     So now the question remains, what were two people from Frisco, Texas doing in Massachusetts with the weapons inventory of a cult leader? Bradley does have a valid firearms license in the state of Texas, but that obviously doesn't extend to the Bay State. The rifles were found wrapped in a green flight suit and laying on the floor of the room. Officers also found 19 large-capacity magazines for different guns, dozens of rounds of ammunition, walkie talkies, laptop computers, tactical vests, and even smoke grenades. Some of the magazines were even fastened together in order to make reloading the clips faster and easier. 

     The mystery comes from the defense of the gun toting pair. Bradley told police following his arrest that he needed the weapons for his mission, which he explained was given to him by a government agency. More specifically, police claimed he "can't tell us what he does for work or why he has all the guns with him, but that he is down in this area working for a government agency that is dealing with a virus." 

     Robert Normandin, Bradley's lawyer during arraignment claimed that the guns may not even be functional, and that many of the items were props. Police checked with Frisco police in case they've had any run-ins with Bradley, which they claimed he had reported his wife missing a few years ago and claimed to be a psych patient with mental issues. His wife stated he had the weapons in case he got a job and had to deployed. This story reads like a Tom Clancy spy thriller, but it's most likely a tale of two lunatics that should be institutionalized.