Lowell Woman Cited, Not Arrested, For Carjacking

PHOTO: Getty Images

     We can always count on Lowell for a good head scratching crime story every few weeks, and they have not disappointed today. 

     A 23 year old Lowell woman was thought to be arrested following a car jacking, except for the fact that a recent correction of a Lowell police press release has confirmed that she was not. Instead she was simply cited and will be "summonsed to appear in Lowell District Court on the charges at a later date." The crime is as follows.....


     Officers were called to Lawrence Street at 9:30 am for a reported carjacking by who we now know to be Leonilda Cruz. She punched a cab driver in the face when he refused to take her fare. This was most likely do to the realization that he was dealing with a psychopath, or it would be more likely it's someone high on drugs being that this is Lowell. 

     Following the blow to the face, Cruz took the yellow cab only to crash it moments later into a dumpster truck at the Rt. 38 doing a cool 70 mph. A simple crash isn't going to stop this pillar of society, so she attempted to carjack the truck. The driver of the truck put an end to that, so she took off on foot. A police officer tracked her down, and then somehow she actually had an attempt to take the police cruiser. Luckily she was unsuccessful. 

     Here is where the story gets bizarre. Cruz was NOT arrested for any of this CRIMINAL behavior which includes attempted carjacking, attempted larceny of a motor vehicle, carjacking, leaving the scene of an accident after causing property damage, operating a vehicle so as to endanger the public and speeding. She has instead been cited for the roadway crimes, which she'll have to answer in court. I'm unsure if we need a call for a DACA standing on this one, but why this woman was not arrested and checked for mental stability is beyond me. The arraignment date has not yet been set, so best of luck to anyone that lives within a 5 mile radius of her. 


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