David Shulkin Out - Ronny Jackson In As Veterans Affairs Secretary

PHOTO: Getty Images

     Another change in Trump's Cabinet of the United States with news breaking today that David J. Shulkin is officially out. The news comes following weeks of uncertainty at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Trump was quick to thank Shulkin for his service, while simultaneously naming his intended nomination to replace him.

     The president’s personal physician Dr. Ronny L. Jackson is Trump's choice for the position, who will hopefully be up to the task. The VA has spent billions of dollars to fix systemic issues which has seemed to repair nothing. Staffing issues seem to still remain a problem, complaints regarding the level of care have been consistent, and wait times continue to be unbearable.


     A report conducted by the VA that was released in September of 2017 highlighted the increased risk of suicide for veterans. The details of the report included a horrifying stat announcing the "risk for suicide was 22 per cent higher among Veterans when compared to US non-Veteran adults."

     Will Dr. Jackson be prepared to lead the well over 300,000 employees with a $182 billion budget that has been mismanaged thus far? Will the change legitimately improve the care for the around 6 million patients? Well he's a popular man on both sides of the aisle which makes him an obvious choice, but he has remained incredibly devoted to Trump. If you remember, the President was very pleased with the doctors handling of the nearly hour-long press conference defending his (Trump's) health. He's a proven physician, but this job requires more than medical school can teach. Time will tell, but this was an easy choice for the President. 


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