Former Senate President Stan Rosenberg's Kinda Still Husband Indicted

PHOTO: Getty Images

     The husband of the now ex-president of the Massachusetts Senate, Stanley Rosenberg, has been indicted on multiple charges of sexual assault and criminal lewdness..... Oh and of course we should add distributing nude photographs without consent to that list of charges. It seemed to be one of those cases that you felt he was guilty of the allegations the second you saw a picture of him. Now authorities seem to have enough to take this thing to court after a grand jury gave the go ahead.

     The 30 year old Bryon Hefner has been the center of the joint investigation with DA Daniel Conley’s Office ever since several men came forward with the allegations. Rosenberg stepped down from his position as Senate President following the original report in the Boston Globe, but did not resign from is original senate position. 


"The indictments allege that Hefner sexually assaulted one victim on three separate occasions in the Boston area, including once in June 2015 in a residential building and twice in April 2016, once in a vehicle and once in a restaurant.... Hefner allegedly sexually assaulted another victim in 2014 and exposed his genitals to that victim in June 2016. The indictments allege Hefner sexually assaulted a third victim in August 2016. These alleged offenses happened in Boston." - Officials tied to the investigation

     Smart move on the part of Rosenberg to seperate from Hefner, but one would guess a full fledged divorce is in the future. This story is still developing, and who knows what we will find out from this impending trial, whenever that may be. 


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