Somerville Non-Profit Alerts Its Users When Ice Agents Are Near By

PHOTO: Getty Images

     It's always going to be an uphill battle when it comes to curbing the impact of illegal immigration in this company. Now a local non-profit organization based in a housing project in Somerville is doing everything they can to get in the way of federal officials in Libby Schaaf style. 

     That non-profit is none other than The Welcome Project, a community organization that claims to have created a system that will warn immigrants in the area if ICE agents are nearby. The group is operating under the notion that they are simply trying to keep families from being torn apart, which is an overplayed card that'll make any politically correct "do gooder" stand and cheer.


     The fact is Somerville has equally suffered from criminal behavior on the part of illegal immigrants as the rest of the state and country has. No one wants to tear families apart, but you also can't make exceptions when it comes to the law. Illegal immigration is ILLEGAL, which in turn makes you a criminal. These groups should put effort into assisting immigrants in the process of becoming a legal citizen. 


     So basically, if you see an ICE agent, you can text or call a specified number which would then alert anyone signed up for the alert once the sighting is confirmed. Best of luck to federal agents who are trying to enforce the law while others are legitimately obstructing justice. Reports from Boston 25 claim 100 people have already signed up for the service. If I were ICE, I'd start by trying to get that list. Seems like that would be easy picking. 


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