"Caravan" Of More Than 1000 Migrants Making Way Towards US

PHOTO: Getty Images

     All roads point to Trump when it comes to putting a stop to this caravan of migrants, and it's time to put up or shut up.

     A slow moving overt train of mostly Honduran refugees are slowly making their way to the United States border. The unabashed strut toward the US began on March 25th in the Mexican town of Tapachula. They've traveled well over 140 miles by this point, mostly on foot, performing demonstations all along the way. When they arrive at the US border, they will demand asylum. 


     Here is what makes this situation a hairy one. Reports from this march are indicating that Mexican authorities are actually abandoning border checkpoints specifically to allow the migrants to continue their trek without issue. Locals are donating food and water as well. So it's clear that although President Trump is calling for Mexcian authorities to simply do their jobs, nothing will be done south of the border. This alone leaves US Border Patrol and our President to put an end to this. So now, at least according to his Twitter account, he's taking the offensive.....


     This is a a big moment for this administration. With a noticeable improvement in detaining illegal immigrants in the country, and ICE showing some new found motivation, if a caravan of migrants from south of the border are allowed to just waltz into our nation then all this positive work would be for nothing. This is a stand your ground moment for Trump, and a chance to throw down the gauntlet to the liberal lawmakers. The future of this group of street settlers has an equally strong impact whether they turn tail back south, or are allowed into the US. If Trump plans on continuing his push for locked borders, he better make sure it starts with this caravan. 

     Make no mistake about it, this is an invasion. One that has been going on for decades. With Mexican authorities allowing these migrants through checkpoints without question is a clear stance taken by the Mexican government. It is clear that this is an army under the guise of immigration that will simply come into this country to feed off of taxpayer money and federal benefits. This is a border war, and it's one that is forcing us all to take a side. At least some citizens of this wonderful country see the writing on the wall.



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