Lightning Meets King Kong face to face!

As most of you know, I went on vacation last week to Orlando, Florida. Yes, I'm a big Disney fan as everyone knows but I also enjoy the Universal Studios theme parks too as I'm a big Harry Potter fan. It's actually my fiance's favorite park in general so it's almost always a must. With that being said, there is a new attraction at Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park and that is "Skull Island-Reign of Kong". Now most people who listen to Boston's Morning Show and know VB, know he loves King Kong and is a big fan so as VB's "personal note taker", I was almost ordered to go on the ride. I cut it really close too as the park was about to close and naturally it was dark outside (making it more eerie) but I made it in time. I almost wish I didn't make it because it was a startling and scary ride, right up VB's my experience and journey through Skull Island as I scream my way through. Mind you the ride is in 3D so keep that in mind when you watch this...



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