Trump Making Moves: National Guard Heading To Border

PHOTO: Getty Images

     His bite is as powerful as his bark. Today the Department Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen brings us some good news. President Donald Trump is sending the National Guard to protect our southern border and assist United States Border Patrol. As if that wasn't enough, we also learned that DHS is also considering/planning military installations along the border as well. The very extensive briefing is below for viewing pleasure.


     The news comes following the announcement that Mexican authorities are indeed disbanding the caravan of Honduras illegal migrants heading for the US border. Although border crossings seem to be low, this seems as much of a political statement as much as it is added border protection. The statement being that border security is not a priority our President will be budging on. Also, talk about a quick turnaround. It was only yesterday the Trump administration promised to use the military to protect the border.

     Many questioned Trumps recent statements, including the claim that the Pentagon could use some of their funds to help pay for the border wall. Well Nielsen locked down the true intentions of that statement, claiming "what [Trump] meant is there are some lands that the Defense Department owns right on the border where we see illicit activity...... We're looking into options for the military to build a wall or military installations on the border."


     Here's to another example of President Trump sticking to his campaign promises. 


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