Border Patrol Agents Arrest Child Sex Offender At Border

PHOTO: Getty Images

     Border Agents in Tucson Arizona are claiming to have arrested a previously convicted child sex offender, and surprise surprise he wasn't trying to get into Mexico. The 31-year-old Mexican national Moises Bautista-Ortiz was attempting to re-enter the United States on Tuesday evening through the same state that convicted him of molesting a child in 2013. At that time he was sentenced to "life probation" in Maricopa County Superior Court, an obvious slap on the wrist (if that) for an illegal immigrant. 


     There have been multiple reports of sex offenders attempting border crossings within the past month. Border Patrol Agents were called on March 5th near Moore, Texas to stop an alleged human smuggling operation. Sure enough agents found a total of 15 undocumented immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala and Peru in the back of a tractor trailer. One of those immigrants was identified as Juan De La Luz Vega, a Mexican National who was convicted as a sex offender. He had outstanding warrants at the time related to his hobby as a sex predator. 

     That's okay, we will keep pretending it's hard working and peaceful citizens who will immigrate into our nation. 


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