Lightning Round! Month of March

Another month has passed in the Trump presidency and here on the Morning Show, it's our job to talk about all and everything that is Trump news and politics! What was the most popular topic talked about in the month of March in talk radio? News moves quickly so can you guess or remember what the big topic or topics were? If not, don't fear! In addition to Lightning being VB's personal notetaker, she's the show's notetaker and stats keeper and she has the results here:


Whole Month of March

Show Talked with Trump: 34% 

Show Talked Without Trump: 66%

Week 1 Big Topic: Hope Hicks Resigns (50% talked about Trump-Short week-Thurs & Fri)

Week 2 Big Topic: North Korea & Kim Jong Un potential meeting with Trump, Stormy Daniels Payout, Big Storm this week (55% talked about Trump)

Week 3 Big Topic: Trump gets rid of Rex Tillerson, School walkouts over gun laws, England/Russian poisoning incident (33% talked about Trump)

Week 4 Big Topic: Austin serial bomber, Trump speech on drugs in NH, McMaster is out (43% talked about Trump)

Week 5 Big Topic: Laura Ingraham/David Hogg conflict, March for our Lives gun rally, Stormy Daniels lawsuit (25% talked about Trump)


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