Kimmel vs. Hannity

Late night host, Jimmy Kimmel received some heat last week for including the First Lady, Melania Trump in a couple jokes. This was following the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. Kimmel thought it was funny to comment on her "involvement" and role as First Lady at Easter. It all started with this monologue: 


As you heard, he even teased her for her accent. Well that did not sit well with Fox News host, Sean Hannity who is a staunch supporter of President Trump and Melania Trump. He spoke out about Kimmel's mocking on his own TV show, responding in a snarky way calling Kimmel an "ass clown" and stating it's Melania's 5th language, asking "how many do you speak, Kimmel?".


It didn't end there, Kimmel decided he had to fight back turning this into a TV war where each host just started using their medium to blast one another back and forth. Kimmel next took Hannity's own words of being an "ass clown" and reverse called Hannity the "whole ass circus", making fun of Hannity fantasizing about "clowns in the ass". Kimmel did end his monologue with a powerful statement on immigrants, which caused the audience to go wild...


While Kimmel ended with powerful statements and maybe thought it was going to be the end of it, of course Hannity couldn't let Kimmel get away with that. He did at least 20 mins of his show breaking down Kimmel and dubbing him as a "Sick Twisted Creepy Perverted Weirdo" and showcased old clips of him from when he was on "The Man Show" and even brought on a special commentor to discuss this. 


Hannity certainly took this feud to a new level after taking personal aim at Jimmy and all his past endeavors for 20 mins. Kimmel must have just tired out and did not want to make this any uglier than it had already gotten because he sent out an apology to Hannity on Sunday via Twitter. 


This TV host feud lasted one week thus far. Will the apology end it? How will Hannity respond on Monday? He did tweet about hearing about the apology. Clearly he wants to take time to access it and prepare for how to handle it Monday. He said he will respond on Monday during his show at 9. Until then we'll have to stay tuned for how this feud will end or if it will at all.


-Producer Lightning


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