What a "Disgrace", a total "Disgrace"!

Michael Cohen's (President Trump's personal attorney) office at Rockefellar Center as well as his personal hotel room, got raided by officials brought on by Mueller's investigation. They confiscated personal emails, business records, and various documents, one in particular regarding a payout to a certain pornstar...It's not known what specifically Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was going off of that prompted him to seek out the U.S. Attorney's Office in New York and push for warrants. One thing that is known is how heated President Trump is and that is an understatement. The POTUS spoke out during a meeting at the White House yesterday where he just went on what seemed like a venting session. He found the whole matter to be a huge DISGRACE! Take a look...


WITCH HUNT, Sessions, Mueller, & NO COLLUSION! President Trump called Mueller's group of investigators "the most conflicted group of people I have ever seen"

It came out recently that Michael Cohen paid what was considered "hush money" to Stormy Daniels and media specialists suggest that this fact alone is what prompted this warrant granted by the New York attorney's office. Cohen's own personal attorney, called this whole search: “completely inappropriate and unnecessary.” 

What this warrant really represents is basically that Special Counsel Mueller and his team apparently don't trust what President Trump and his cohorts are telling them. They don't believe their statements to the point of physically having to search and read the exchanges between President Trump and his personal attorney and look for themselves. What's the real probable cause? What if they have "nothing" as the POTUS claims and they just want something so bad to validate their own jobs and it really is...


as the President claims. On the surface, the search doesn't appear to be related to Mueller's investigation...that is what is troubling most Trump supporters alike. In addition to the fact that this is an attorney's office they are raiding, what warrants that? That's the big question. Cohen handles other confidential cases, not that of just Trump's. Some are speculating that the goal is to get something or anything on those around Trump to affect him, to hurt him and his presidency and possibly impeach him. Basically a lot of supporters believe that Mueller and his team don't have anything, that they are desperately scrapping the bottom of the barrel to find something. Only time will tell what they find, if anything at all. Until then we can expect the President to be anything but quiet...


For more information on this raid and what to make of it, read on HERE

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