Sox vs. Yankees brawl: Good or Bad for Baseball?

Now we're back to the excitement of the Red Sox vs. Yankees rivalry after last night's brawl that took place at Fenway during the 7th inning. That's what a lot of fans and sports commentators are saying, that the violence and fighting is good for the sport but is it? VB and Kim are on opposite sides of the spectrum with this one. Kim thinks it's okay because these men are professional players who are paid millions of dollars. It's not like we're talking about little league and children. VB on the other hand thinks this is NOT good for baseball because it should not take violence for the sport to be popular. He questions why the TV networks cut away when someone streaks at the park like it's he most offensive thing but a brawl? Bring it on, the TV networks thrive on that. So whose side are you on here? Kim or VB? Is fighting or throwing punches good for baseball? The ones arguing that it's good are saying that it's not necessarily the fighting itself that they are condoning, it's the passion behind it. While the ones opposed to it think that's ridiculous to say a player only cares about the game if they get worked up and throw punches.

Take a look at the brawl that started this newfound excitement in the baseball world, especially for Red Sox and Yankees fans.


As you saw, what took the cake here is when pitcher, Joe Kelly hit Tyler Austin with a pitch that he threw and Tyler Austin flipped out throwing his bat down and then walked to the mound and initiated it. It's believed to have really started back in the 3th inning when Tyler Austin slide into 2nd base with his legs up clipping Brock Holt in the leg. The benches briefly raised on that one but it didn't full on turn into a brawl until Kelly hit Austin. It's believed that he did it deliberately to get back at him for his slide into Holt. 

Speaking of Holt, did you catch some of his remarks last night after the game? A reporter asked him about "making hay" & he had no idea what that meant...which by the way I (Lightning) had no idea what that meant either so I'm right there with Holt! Take a listen!


Overall, whether you agree with the fighting or not, it is bringing attention to the sport and you can't deny that it will get people watching, even if it is just to see if any fighting occurs. Ratings will go up and that's not a bad thing for the sport. That's just common sense. 

The final score of last night's game was Yankees 10-7, in case you missed it. For more info on the game and what went down, you can read on HERE

-Producer Lightning 


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