Cambridge Police Begin Internal Investigation Into Use Of Force

PHOTO: Getty Images

     Well the day to day events included in the life of a police officer are never easy, especially when you receive a call regarding a nude college kid on drugs. Cambridge Police were called when Selorm Ohene, a Harvard University student, was walking down Massachusetts Avenue naked and reportedly high on narcotics. Now more details of the event I'm sure will come out, and I can only assume the information will support the officers actions. Although that's never a guarantee, we can at least start with the video we have currently (below).


     Please forgive me but I'm seeing nothing wrong here. I understand holding police officers to a high standard, but this seems to fall well within our expectations of any officer. Cambridge Police claimed the a patrolman struck Ohene five times while attempting to subdue him. If memory serves correctly, that's exactly what officers are trained to do. Body shots on someone who is behaving in a hostile way, which obviously was the case, is necessary when trying to get the individual in cuffs. The man was naked and even high on drugs according to his "acquaintance."

     Ohene was taken to the hospital, which resulted in this model citizen spitting blood at an EMT. He was then charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, assault, resisting arrest and assault and battery on the EMT. If there was ever a need for some strong armed police officers throwing some bare knuckle punches, it would be this situation. Assuming no damning unknown evidence comes out from this investigation, these officers should be fine. Perhaps there are more appropriate circumstances to question the behavior of police. That is of course unless you're in favor of nude drug addicts walking down your street. 

     Also, here is the statement from Cambridge Mayor Marc McGovern that includes a comment promising black lives do matter in the city, because this sure does scream racial motivation. (sarcasm) 



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