Comey Doesn't Hold Back

James Comey came out with an explosive tell all book about investigating the Russian dosier, Hillary's emails, and thoughts on Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. The name of his new book is: A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership. It hit shelves this week. Ahead of it's release, Comey sat down with ABC journalist, George Stephanopoulos for a special interview where Stephanopoulos asked personal questions about Comey's thoughts and opinion based off what he experienced during his time as FBI Director. 

While Comey tried to remain as poised as he could when prompted about hot button subjects like his handling of Hillary's emails, it was clear that the whole ordeal still haunts him. He stated that: "I knew this was a no-win situation. One half of the partisan divide is going to be angry at us no matter what we do." He continued on saying what Hillary did was "extrememly sloppy"...


While Comey was certainly haunted by the Hillary ordeal, what was more haunting for Comey was his personal meeting with President Donald Trump, where he described Trump's behavior as that of being like a mafia boss. POTUS Trump was very adament on what it was that HE expected. Apparently he said it in a threatening way that gave Comey chills. Take a listen to an excerpt from when Stephanopoulis asked him about it...


Of course President Trump was not quiet in his thoughts regarding Comey's interview. It was evident he was watching based on his late night tweets around the topics discussed.


James Comey didn't stop there though and neither did George Stephanopoulis with his probing questions about Trump. He asked some more personal opinion questions of Comey regarding his thoughts on whether Donald Trump is "fit" to be President and whether he thinks he should be impeached. He told Stephanopoulis that he does think Trump is unfit to be President but not for the same reasons as a lot of others. He doesn't think he's physically unfit or mentally unstable. He thinks he's "morally unfit" to be President based off of his insistant lying among other things. In addition his thoughts on impeachment when asked, might be surprising to some...he thinks impeachment would "let the American people off the hook".


All in all the question here is whether or not James Comey's latest book and now interview has changed your view of President Trump. Has it made you question the President and really wonder if he is as Comey says he is? Or do you think Comey is just promoting "fake news" as the President would say. The President has some questions he'd like answered himself that he calls Comey out on...


If you missed the exclusive interview, you can watch it and read more about it, HERE

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