And the Mystery Client Is...Hannity!

In court on Monday April, 16th, 2018, a federal judge ordered Michael Cohen, the longtime personal lawyer of President Donald Trump to reveal who his "3rd client" was that he was trying to hide from public knowledge. That client is Sean Hannity. Michael Cohen argued against the revealing of this information claiming that some of the documents and data that was seized from his office under a warrant are protected by attorney-client priviledge and that they are unconnected to this investigation. Judge Wood rejected Cohen's wishes/argument and said: "I understand if he doesn't want his name out there, but that's not enough under the law."

The judge's statements have many outraged as Hannity was a private client who claimed his only involvement with Michael Cohen is that he sought him out for real estate advice so why he's being publically outted is upsetting. The argument is that attorney-client priviledge is apparently not taken into consideration here which is mind-boggling because it's a law. What attorney client priviledge is, is a "client's right to privilege to refuse to disclose and to prevent any other person from disclosing confidential communications between the client and the attorney." The judge's ordering of Cohen to release his client info is in direct violation of this law.

Sean Hannity was surprised to hear that his name surfaced in court. He addressed his personal relationship with Cohen on his radio show Monday and then later addressed it on his TV show as well. He started his show by "setting the record straight"...


Some such as famed lawyer, Alan Dershowitz think that Sean Hannity should have been more open about his relationship with Cohen up front. What's there to hide? Hannity's argument was that he's entitled to privacy and that he did not have to share that information if he so chose not to. While Dershowitz understood Hannity's right to privacy he came out Fox to tell Hannity his thoughts directly...


Sean Hannity claims that Michael Cohen has never represented him in a case involving a third party. He never paid him legal fees. He only had discussions with him about legal questions that he wanted his input on. He also made clear that he did not ask Michael Cohen to bring this court proceeding on his behalf. He doesn't understand why this has turned into such a big deal. You can hear the personal comments that Sean made on his radio show, HERE


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