Donald Trump Is Winning When It Comes To North Korea

PHOTO: Getty Images

     Lets take a moment and get away from the TMZ style coverage of Donald Trump and focus on the important things, like what he's done in regards to foreign policy. Specifically the focus should be on North Korea given the glossed over announcement Trump made today. The president announced that North Korea and South Korea will finally be meeting to end their decades-long war. The Donald also mentioned that the U.S. and the angrier Korea have begun to talk “at very high levels." Trump and the dictator Kim Jong Un are set to meet later this year.

     There's no ignoring the fact that Trump has made more positive strides when it comes to "The North" than any other United States leader previous to him. Kimmy Un referred to Trumps threats as “the sound of a dog barking" mostly because that's all the country had dealt with previously. For decades Trumps predecessors had simply attempted to persuade the ruling family to abandon their weapons program. What would North Korea's reaction be? The country would fire test missiles going all the way back to 1993. By conducting these tests the distance and accuracy of the weapons would improve. Under President Bush and Obama it was a nuclear program that became all the more real. Nothing was done, just simply a dog bark.


     Now President Trump has faced North Korear head on. Kim Jong Un relies on being in a power position, which you have when you continue business as usual all the while your enemies seem to do nothing. Trump called the bluff of the North, continuing to taunt the tiny dictator and almost begging him to mount a legitimate attack. He never did. 

     So here Kim Jong Un sits with no fear stemming from the 50 United States and no action to be taken, because surely he would be annihilated if he tried anything. The only option left is to take a seat at the table. Make peace. If things continue down this road, Trump can notch a solid W in the standings. 


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