Professor Randa Jarrar: The New Public Enemy #1

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“Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. F*** outta here with your nice words.”

     Those are the words of Fresno State University Professor Randa Jarrar. Although the last thing we'd like to do is put this animal in the spotlight, perhaps it's appropriate to show exactly how egocentric this woman is. Please also keep in mind that people like this are in every school and university, taking every opportunity to fill your childrens brains with their own foolish insanity (especially in California).

     According to the Fresno State faculty page, Jarrar (not to be confused with Jar Jar) is an award-winning novelist, short story writer, essayist, and translator from Kuwait and Egypt. Not mentioned in her bio would be her ability to offend every person that comes across her social media timeline. Here are a few more Barbara Bush related tweets. 

VIA @Randajarrar on Twitter

"Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. F*** outta here with your nice words."

"PSA: either you are against these pieces of shit and their genocidal ways or you're part of the problem. that's actually how simple this is. I'm happy the witch is dead. can't wait for the rest of her family to fall to their demise the way 1.5 million iraqis have. byyyeeeeeeee."

"All the hate I'm getting ALMOST made me forget how happy I am that George W Bush is probably really sad right now"

     Fresno State President Joseph Castro put out this statement that seemingly writes this off as a personal view, leaving no accountability on the University. The problem is the tenure Jarrar has somehow recieved. This makes firing a teacher basically as difficult as trying to monitor their twitter account. Lucky for us, social media makes everything forever. So please enjoy some more tweets from this "progressive feminist" version of Jabba the Hut. 

Via @Randajarrar on Twitter

"I can't wait for the old white guard of literary writers and 'critics' to die. Their time is f**king up, too,"

"Coming up: a bunch of f**king white women."

"f**k outta here with your white feminism. I said don't at me b**ch. I'm a professor..."

"we are sooooo much cooler than Israelis, don't at me b**ch."

     Nasty language, big focus on white and Israeli individuals, unintelligent use of grammar/vernacular, and a reminder that she is indeed a professor. This woman is downright scary, and she's molding the young minds of the coming generation. If you think she can't get worse, she responds to a twitter user that posted her office phone number. She "corrects" the user by posting the number of Arizona State's 24-Hour emergency crisis line claiming it's her own.

     Jarrar has since locked up her account, seemingly hiding from the understandably angry internet mob calling for her head. She has the nations attention as opposed to her 5k something followers, so one would think she'd love having this spotlight. Not so much. Hopefully the pressure on Fresno State doesn't die down until this woman is eliminated from the faculty list. She loves to brag about how much she makes as a tenured teacher, I think most of us would like to see that stripped away. 

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