VB The Wise: Nikki Haley 2024!

Nikki Haley 2024!

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“And yet she persisted”. It’s the ‘iconic’ about Elizabeth Warren that signifies a woman standing up to male power. Fine, but remember, when Senator Warren did what she did, there were ZERO consequences to her actions. The bill she was protesting was already going to pass, and she was going to show up to work the next day no worse the wear.

Juxtapose that with what Nikki Haley said this week. “With all due respect, I don’t get confused.” Allow me to put forth that Haley’s line is the line that history should judge to be the much more empowering. Here’s how the line came to be:

On Sunday, Haley said, “You will see that Russian sanctions will be coming down, Secretary Mnuchin will be announcing those on Monday.” (Those sanctions were for Russia aiding Syria in its chemical attack.)

On Tuesday, Economic Advisor to the White House Larry Kudlow said there would be no new sanctions, and then said that Haley, “might have had some momentary confusion about that.”

Later that Tuesday, Haley was asked about Kudlow’s comment, and that’s when she said, “I don’t get confused.”

Suck on that Larry.

It is a mic drop line, but unlike Warren’s, this one came with risks. Haley clearly didn’t run that by the President, and she would have no way of knowing how he would respond to it. If POTUS took this line as Haley “isn’t toting the company line”, then there certainly could be career consequences for her. No boss likes an employee who publicly calls the company position a lie, let alone this boss. But she didn’t run it by the White House first because she didn’t care what they thought. She had been aggressed upon, and she was going to set the record straight.

Bravo Nikki Haley, bravo.

More wisdom next week.


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