Release the Memos!

James Comey's famous memos are out and it's not being received well. Some of the memos that Comey took and now are out there in the public have covered classified information and thus makes Comey look bad. Why does it make him look bad? Aside from President Trump's personal dislike for him and thinking he's a liar, it's bad for the simple reason that the release of memos that were about classified information is in direction violation of breaking his own agency's rules on being "classified". In a way it's almost hypocritical of Comey because what he did has been compared to the same thing as what Hillary Clinton did with sharing classified information through emails. Was it? Comey did testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee a while ago stating that he believed his memos were personal documents, not that of belonging to the government. Exact questioning and responses of Comey being prodded by Sen. Roy Blunt and him went as follows: 

“So you didn’t consider your memo or your sense of that conversation to be a government document?...You considered it to be, somehow, your own personal document that you could share to the media as you wanted through a friend?”-Sen. Blunt

“Correct, I understood this to be my recollection recorded of my conversation with the president. As a private citizen, I thought it important to get it out.” -James Comey

There were 15 pages of documents containing details of his interactions with President Trump. He met with Mr. President 7 times prior to his 2017 firing. These memos have been long anticipated as they could contain important information surrounding whether or not POTUS Trump sought to obstruct justice. That's what the big deal is surrounding these memos. It's no secret that the president himself has not been happy about these memos coming out. He has been nothing less than outspoken about it on Twitter (his go-to venting platform).


What have we learned from these memos other than like President Trump said, "NO COLLUSION!"? Well we learned a couple things. 

1) As mentioned, that these memos include classified/confidential info.

2) Comey actually had these memos "leaked" by a friend in order to prompt a special counsel.

3) Comey held POTUS Trump to a different standard than Obama officials where he chose not to right down info with them.

4) Comey had defended McCabe quite repeatly.

CNN Journalist Jake Tapper caught up with James Comey to press him on these memos and what his motives, thoughts, and impressions were. You can watch the full interview, here. 


To find out more details on these memos you can read on HERE.

-Producer Lightning


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