Posing in your daugher's prom photo with a gun?

Former NFL Kicker, current NFL sports analyst, and father Jay Feely is under some heat for a photo he posted on his Twitter of him with his daughter and boyfriend before they headed off on their way to prom. What's the big deal? Well in the photo Feely was holding a gun, making the joke of not to hurt his daughter. He thought it was funny and appropriate while many think it's not. Take a look at this photo, what do you think? Is it completely inappropriate or are people making a big deal out of nothing?


After receiving a ton of backlash on Twitter that got media attention across platforms, Feely came out with a tweet having to explain the photo. 


In this sensitive society, especially with numerous gun tragedies that have been happenings over the last couple years, many are calling his photo insensitive to the issue of gun safety. Is it though? He was trying to make a reference to the movie "Bad Boys" where Will Smith's character did the same thing when his niece's date came to pick her up. According to him it was comedy, intended to be a joke and his daughter and boyfriend knew that. Apparently society didn't get it...do you?

-Producer Lightning 


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