Jackson: Next Veterans Affairs Secretary?

Will White House doctor Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson become the next Veterans Affairs Secretary? That's the question. The agency is that of a large one with 350,000 employees and runs 1,700 facilities that serve more than 9 million veterans a year. Needless to say it's an important job to have for sure. The last Secretary was led by David Shulkin who was fired by President Trump after some concerns about "unauthorized travel expenses". Jackson has been considered for taking over the job but due to the accusations against the Rear Admiral, such as rumors of drinking on the job and over medicating (giving him the nickname the "Candyman"), it has made the decision more of a challenging one. In addition, some employees who have worked under Jackson reported that it was a hostile work environment (mainly due to the alcoholism). Despite the accusations, Jackson has not recused himself or taken himself out of the running for the position.

It's not a secret that President Donald Trump is a fan of the Rear Admiral's. He has always praised him for his treatment of him. As for this new endeavor, he supports whatever Jackson's decision is, even though he thinks he might "drop out" of the running. The president addressed it, take a look...


The White House is confident in Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the WH Press Secretary made the official response or thoughts on Jackson on behalf of the administration and stated that the administation has "a lot of confidence in him". Sanders even defended Jackson against some of the backlash or criticism that he has received from members of Congress. She went on to say, "Dr. Jackson is an incredibly highly qualified individual. He's served our country on the battlefield as well as under three presidents. I think it's sad that you've got a few members of Congress who have never managed anything more than a congressional office attacking someone who has served our country, served it admirably, and we have a lot of confidence." Sanders and Mr. President were not the only two singing Jackson's praises. White House Legislative Director Marc Short echoed their comments saying that the Rear Admiral is a "a great American story of a small Texas town kid who grows up, goes to medical school, decides to serve our country, rises all the way up to be admiral, serves and treats our troops in combat who are wounded in combat. Has a father as a veteran, a son who's in training to be a Navy Seal. I think that Ronnie Jackson is a great story. We look forward to him getting his hearing".

With the White House being all in with and for Jackson, will the Read Admiral eventually get the position? He will face the lawmakers questions during a confirmation hearing that is set to take place today. In time we'll know if Jackson is indeed the face of the new Veterans Affairs Secretary. 

-Producer Lightning


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